I kind of wish I had pictures to post, but I do not. Last night, several of my friends gave me a blessingway at The Family Tree. I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was nice. Not wierd. There were moments of oddness, but overall it was very lovely. I’ve put off blogging about it because I don’t really know what to say. I’m so tired, I’ve done even an inadequate job at telling Randy about it.

We started with a lovely ritual of washing our hands in rosewater and symbolically washing away any negative energy or thoughts. We did some chanting and ritual animal sacrifice. (OK, not really!) Some reading, some affirmations, some talking.

Abby drew me a henna tattoo for my belly. Jessica braided my hair. Kelly massaged my feet (and, seriously, I really should have just gone up to the bathroom and washed them first – my Keen clogs are so old and smelly they make my feet dirty and smelly). Lisa massaged my shoulders. Danelle and LilBug composed and sang a lovely song.

Everyone shared a wish for the baby, several people brought special wishes for me. Good food was shared among the group. (and we’re such a funny group. Most of the food was your typical hippie health fare, and then Danelle brought an ice cream cake from DQ. And, yes, we all ate the very delicious hippie health fare, but we all totally pigged out on the DQ ice cream, too. See, even hippie dippy types can get down with DQ.)


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