Trying not to freak out

And I didn’t post about it earlier because I was refusing to believe.

But, on Saturday Cosette thought the baby had turned Frank Breech. Today she feels the same way, but still can’t tell for absolute certain.

Hoping to go in for an u/s tomorrow for a quick peek to find out for sure. Then likely I’ll be moving in at Dr. Heather’s and Abby Miller’s offices.

Grr. I just want to cry. I mean, I am grateful that this baby’s still alive. Still growing.

But, how many stupid things need to go wrong this pregnancy? Truly.

Also waiting to hear from the lab about my hemoglobin…


8 responses to “Trying not to freak out

  1. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

    Pregnancy is by far the most stressful and worrying thing I’ve ever experienced. My little niece told me that “When I get to heaven I’m going to beat up Eve for you for making pregnancy so hard!”

  2. Wow do I know how you feel! I will be praying for you. Remember that most babies do flip back by 40 weeks! Just start/keep doing optimal fetal positioning exercises!

  3. Also, if you are a believer in Chiropractic, go to a Dr. specializing in prenatal care. There are adjustments they can do to help turn the baby around, which is preferable to a c-section!

  4. Thanks for the positive thoughts – Dr. heather, who I joked about moving in with above, is my chiro, who is certified in the Webster Technique. Abby Miller is my acupuncturist. I also read up last night on where to do moxibustion for breech.

    I don’t personally feel pregnancy is hard. Just THIS pregnancy has been one thing after another and every time something else happens, I find myself asking when God’s going to feel I’ve had enough, you know? I really felt like, after the two losses, we were more than deserving of as easy of a pregnancy as we had with Wally.

    prayer chain would be great and is very thoughtful. Thanks.

  5. This can not be proven and is kind of cheesy but I really do think babies feel our anxieties (okay well that can probably be proven) and I have thought that is one of the reasons babies turn breech or never turn vertex to begin with is that they want to be closer to our voice and heartbeat or just closer to us.

    Liisi was stubbornly breech and wouldn’t turn no matter what we did to try and we tried EVERYTHING. She is still that stubborn when she doesn’t get her way and she also needs to be close to me all of the time. Well it is getting better now that she is getting older but she is pretty clingy. I really feel like this is one of the ways she expressed that personality trait early on. Can I prove any of this? No. Does it sound kind of wacky? Yup! But I am pretty certain about it.

    So as hard as it is, try to relax as best you can!

  6. Try to relax. I will be thinking head down thoughts with you. Not that a baby won’t be perfectly fine being delivered breech…it’s just one more challenge that you don’t need.

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