Homeschool Space

I also recently got our homeschool space all put together. Well, sort of.


This is the awesome new storage from Target. I need a few more bins and then I’ll be satisfied. The lighter wood unit there is a neat antique and it holds kitchen stuff.


Wally’s desk. Basically, this desk was at my mom’s and my sister didn’t want it, but it’s antique and also a family item and I couldn’t just leave it there, so we brought it home and really had no place for it, but this little spot in the sunroom where it doesn’t really fit, but there it is.


Um, because I love Back To School Clearance time at Target, we got this nifty new rug for the room. The floor is uninsulated and right over our garage which is uninsulated. The room itself stays fairly warm, but the floor is always super cold in the winter. So this rug is meant to offset that a bit. You’ll note that the table is not on the rug. We eat breakfast and lunch at this table and, well, it’s best that it not be on the rug. This is also where we do some crafts and whatever else we’re working on. You can see that I was reading Early Education at Home over breakfast. It has a nifty checklist of skills that kids should have before Kindergarten, which is my way of reassuring myself that my child is not doomed to be an idiot because I suck at homeschooling.


And this is the other storage. Same system as the stuff pictured above. We’ve been looking for nice-looking (but cheap) shelves that will fit under our windows along this wall since we moved in. Ten years. I was soooo happy to discover that this stuff was short enough. The couch will be leaving the room (house) shortly, and then we’ll actually be able to USE this storage instead of merely stacking stuff on top of it.


I think Wally will miss the couch.


2 responses to “Homeschool Space

  1. I always have the firm belief that children should stay with their parents as long as possible until atleast they are about 9-10 years old.

    Wonderful to see parents teaching their little ones from home.


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