Baby update

just realized I never followed up on this. The ultrasound on Tuesday (my fifth this pregnancy, ugh) showed a definite breech, and a small baby at that. (which is good, in a way.)

So this week, I’ve been in to see Dr Heather (chiro) every day, Abby Miller (acupuncture/TCM) twice. I’ve been doing inversions and visualization and talking to the baby. I’ve tried ice packs at baby’s head and warm packs at baby’s butt. So far, nothing’s done the trick. I’m back to Dr Heather today, then have the weekend off from seeing anyone, but will continue with the inversion, moxibustion, and visualization.

I have a followup ultrasound on Monday, and then if the baby’s still breech, Dr. Mintzer will want to schedule an external version for later in the week. I’m very unexcited about that possibility. (FYI, versions can cause premature labor, fetal distress necessitating an immediate C/S, and other complications. It would need to be done around 37 weeks because if you wait longer, the baby could be too big to really get turned around. I can always just not do it, but then I run the risk that the baby doesn’t turn on its own and then what? Nobody around here will deliver a breech. I’ll start calling people in Iowa City, Ames, and Omaha next week to see if I can find someone skilled in breech deliveries.

I have a reiki session scheduled for Monday night, maybe we’ll find out why the baby decided to turn around.

I’ve been trying to spend quiet moments with the baby, seeing what it has to tell me, trying out different scenarios. Is the baby mad because I keep calling it a girl, and it’s actually a boy? Does the baby feel we haven’t carved out space for it yet? Is it picking up on my uncertainty about what life will be like with a new baby? None of those seem to have resonated. But the one that does seem to resonate is that perhaps the baby feels like I’m rushing it. I’ve definitely been trying to rush life since January. I couldn’t wait for spring, now I want it to be fall. I’ve said time and again that I don’t want to get to 40 weeks with this pregnancy, and then need to face the decision of whether to proceed with the recommended induction or not. I wanted the baby to come early, and my plan has been to start using chiro and acupuncture and visualization etc to get labor started. But now I’m wondering if I’m making the baby feel rushed and turning breech was his or her way of making me slow down.


One response to “Baby update

  1. Sorry you are dealing with this stress! I have a friend who gave birth to a frank breech baby in the hospital here, but that was something like 20 years ago, when doctors would do that.

    At least the baby is not transverse.

    One of my friends would lean an ironing board on the couch and then lie on her back on the ironing board with her head down and her hips raised. Then she held a flashlight near her crotch. I don’t know if that’s why, but her baby did turn around after she had done that several times.

    For what it’s worth, I will also visualize your baby turning around.

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