Sitting Outside

Wally and I woke up very eary this AM. Me, about 3:30. Him, about 4:00. Neither could get back to sleep. Except Wally fell asleep on the way home from Dr. Heather’s this morning. So I’m doing something I haven’t done in years. I’ve left him in his carseat and I’m sitting on my back steps, with the car door open, knitting and getting some computer stuff done. (OK, I used to just sit here and read, but I’ve got longer to-do lists these days.)

So I thought I’d share some pictures of yesterday’s activities.

Halloween cookies

We baked these cookies on Wednesday then let them cool and decorated them yesterday morning. We made more cookies than this. But, well, we ate some Wednesday. And then I dropped the container the cookies were in when I got them down to start decorating, so the broken ones had to be eaten. (It’s a rule.) And then a few got eaten during the decorating process.

Halloween Cookie Mess

You may have noted in the photo above that Wally loves sprinkles. He’s also not too careful about spilling them as he decorates. But he did help me vacuum.

Wally's Pumpkin shirt
We also finished up his Pumpkin shirt. I had dyed it orange a few days ago, and yesterday, we put the face on it. He helped me draw the face on the freezer paper – including the overly toothy smile – and then I ironed it on and he did the painting. I had him say “tap tap tap” as he did it to remind him that we TAP the brush when doing freezer paper stencils, we don’t rub it. Tap tap tap. Other than a few smears from not-so-careful waving the brush around, it turned out really good. He’s pleased as punch.


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