Just to clarify

Because I keep hearing “oh, relax, they sometimes turn even in labor.”

Ok, yes. They do. Sometimes. Not often. But they can.

But the fact of birth here in Iowa/the midwest/the country is that I can’t bank on that.

My current care provider, Cosette, has made it abundantly clear that she will continue to be my provider but if I’m still breech at my prenatals and I go into labor, she will not come here. She will meet us at the hospital of our choosing. And then we take our chances. I probably stand a decent chance showing up at Broadlawns and refusing a C/S, but, um, I’m not sure that’s really the BEST plan around. It’ll do if it needs to, though.

If we decline to go to a hospital, we are here on our own.

I’m having a very difficult time finding anyone who will provide care if the baby stays breech and I don’t want to schedule a C/S. And it’s not as easy as a VBAC (NOT that those are easy) – I can’t just refuse surgery or put it off or whatever. I absolutely have to have a care provider who knows what they’re doing. Because someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing with breech can really screw it up. As in, cord pinched between baby’s head and perineum and baby has no oxygen and dies. It’s really really important that the care provider know what they’re doing.

ACOG does not recommend taking breech vaginally. So I have one OB who is saying that he’s comfortable delivering breech, but he can’t knowingly take a PLANNED breech vaginal delivery.

And, yes, the baby COULD turn in labor. But it could decide not to turn in labor. And so, since I don’t have ready access to a crystal ball, I have to plan that the baby will remain breech and find someone who will provide me with care. Which is proving to be very difficult.

And there’s the added complication of Mahone’s recommendation to induce at 40 weeks on the button so we don’t run the chance of ending up with a stillbirth because of placental insufficiency, which is a pretty sizeable risk with MTHFR. In her words “there is no study that shows that going past 40 weeks is safe in a MTHFR case.”

So… I appreciate the effort behind the “oh, babies can turn whenever” comments. But it’s just not that easy here in real life.

(and, yes, I’m keeping the traveling midwife option open if the version is unsuccessful, but I think it might be a little challenging to find a traveling midwife with breech experience who doesn’t happen to have anything to do for the next month and can come here, well, Monday.)


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