Baby’s still inside and is now head-down again.


It went really, really well this morning. It was apparently really easy, too, even Mintzer was a bit surprised at how easy. It was a bit uncomfortable, but not bad. I mean, nothing like labor and I thought labor was really easy. Randy said it was really cool to watch, I wish I’d seen it. (I had to lay flat so I couldn’t see it.) The absolute worst part was the medicine they gave me to relax my uterus (because you don’t want it to start contracting during the procedure). The side effect is racing heart and jitteryness. OMG. I told them that I had been nervous already but after that shot, holy crap. But it wore off within a few hours.

Baby’s moving around a LOT in there now, I assume trying to get comfortable. I’m totally hoping it’s not turning back around, but I guess that’s not likely. The head’s WAAAAY down in there. (Then again, the head was way down in there a month ago, too.)

That said, though at first I felt a little silly for agonizing over it so much, I really needed to do that to be comfortable with my decision. I was the most upset when I felt I had no choice. Then I realized (thanks partly to Lisa and Kelly) that I hadn’t really truly combed through my options. Having the version turn out badly when I hadn’t explored what it would be like to decline the version would have been really really hard to deal with. Having the version turn out badly after I’d really looked into my other options would have really sucked, but I would have been much better off, mentally. I ended up last night feeling like we’d made the best decision we could, so even though I didn’t want to be there, I wasn’t upset about it. It was a good process.


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