Walking with Dinosaurs

We went to this show on opening night, because we got free tickets for the whole family. And they were good tickets, too. whoo hoo. The show was OK, and definitely worth the ticket price, lol. I probably would have been mad if we’d shelled out the $60 a ticket for our seats.

And while I have friends whose kids were scared of the dinos, well, MY kid was really mad we couldn’t go down and play with the dinos. Yeah.

So in case you’re wondering what they look like, here a few pictures I took. (Because despite the fact that the gentleman at the door of the events center wanted to confiscate my camera – yeah, right – photography was OK as long as you didn’t use a flash.)

Dinosaurs the Live Experience Dinosaurs the Live Experience Dinosaurs the Live Experience Dinosaurs the Live Experience Dinosaurs the Live Experience

Those of us who were adults got a huge kick out of the dino’s behavior. Namely, the ones on the mechanical carts couldn’t turn around, and they couldn’t change speeds. So when a predator would come to attack its prey, it was kind of a comical non-battle. (I mean, of course the predator wasn’t going to actually catch the prey, but on top of that, the prey in some cases had to back up TOWARDS the predator, who kindly also backed up to allow the prey to turn in a wide arc to run away.)


4 responses to “Walking with Dinosaurs

  1. I don’t mean to start an argument, I am genuinely curious. I thought that Pentecostals were “new world creationists,” meaning that they believe the earth is about 6,000 years old and God literally created it in six days, with humans arriving on the sixth day.

    Many Christians are “old world creationists,” meaning that they think God created the world but that the six days in Genesis refer to longer periods of time, perhaps hundreds of millions of years.

    Am I off base on this? Does your church have a stand on whether there really was an Age of Dinosaurs tens of millions of years before humans walked the earth?

  2. Good questions, Laurie, and oddly I had found myself contemplating this very subject as I sat there, wondering if it was appropriate to get out my knitting during intermission. I think I have a rather unorthodox (so to speak) attitude about the whole dinosaur thing among conservative (pentacostal/evangelical) Christians.

    I think God created the world as described in Genesis. A day was a day. Was that day 24 hours long like it is now? How do I know? How does anyone who wasn’t there know? Does it matter? (And I can totally say I’m a Genesis literalist, because Genesis never says “and in the next 24 hours, God did this. I can take “a day” to mean…whatever a day was like when God first made days.)

    Did humans exist at the same time as dinos? Are scientists all off base about the Jurassic, Triassic, and whateverelseassic periods? I don’t know. Does it matter?

    From a homeschooling standpoint, we plan to learn that some people believe the whole new world thing, and most of the scientific community believes that dinosaurs were millions and millions of years ago, and the scientific community has no real consensus stance on how the world was created.

    The only thing about creation about which I am certain is that God did it.

    I’m sure the Assemblies of God church has an official stance on this, I don’t know what it is. Because I don’t really care that much.

    I mean, I’m not going to get to the Pearly Gates and Saint Peter is going to send me to hell because I am not certain about how the world was created, exactly when, and what “day” meant in Genesis. It’s one of those “nonsalvation” issues, which Christians and others can debate endlessly (and do) but cannot definitively settle. We don’t know. We’ll never know. I don’t care. I don’t think it matters that much.

    This is an attitude that has frustrated many a Christian with whom I’ve talked Creation.

    So Wally loves dinos, and the show contained a lot of good information, and also took some serious leaps, as anything talking about dinosaurs will. (I was so happy when I finally found a dinosaur book that admitted that we didn’t know if most dinosaurs were green/brown/gray, or if they were purple/pink/tiger striped. We don’t know!) The most annoying leap was that they maintained as fact that a big meteor took out the dinosaurs, instead of just leaving it at “we don’t know what happened to them.”

    He’s too young to really understand yet (we tried), but if he maintains his interest in dinosaurs, they will be an excellent jumping-off point for discussions about science and educated guesses and all that stuff.

  3. Oddly, today’s DM Register had a letter to the editor from a woman who was offended that the paper reported as fact that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years before humans appeared on earth.

    She said the Bible says God created all flying creatures (including pterosaurs) on the fifth day, and God created all land animals (including tyrannosaurs) as well as Adam and Eve on the sixth day. She also thinks Christians should boycott events that present non-Biblical interpretations of the age of dinosaurs.

    I don’t think even the most Orthodox of Orthodox Jews takes the creation story in Genesis absolutely literally. There are many Jewish interpretations of why the Bible says God created the world in six days and why humanity is said to have started with exactly two individuals.

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