So do you want to hear something funny?

So Randy’s started up somewhat of a side business himself. He needed a computer for said business, as the computers we already own were not sufficient in one way or another for this job. (and I don’t honestly think that was just “I need a new computer” BS. Our personal computer is small and barely runs, he obviously couldn’t use the Wallypop computer, and the old computer we have in the kitchen is my old Wallypop computer which is so slow as to make doing anything other than using the internet very painful.)

So. Computer arrived, we set it up, and then we left for vacation. Returned from vacation, turned it on to get started, and it says the fan is broken and needs to be replaced. Randy purchased a really awesome warranty with his computer, guaranteeing us in-home repairs within a particular timeframe. So he calls the warranty people, they order the part and say someone will call back with the time that someone will come to install it.

Then the technician wasn’t available until several days after the guarantee offered by the warranty, but whatever. Then the part didn’t arrive when it was supposed to. Called about that, it’s been backordered. Funny, because HP was still selling computers, and that part (the fan) is pretty interchangable, so obviously they have some SOMEWHERE, but whatever.

Fast forward two months, to late September. They call to say “OK, it’s been two months and it’s still not available, we’ll just replace your computer.” Great, right? But the computer we bought isn’t available anymore. So they have to upgrade us. Fine. But the upgrade doesn’t do two of the things that this computer does that Randy really needs. So they found a model that would, and mailed it to us. Randy even asked to read the specs before they sent it, and was reasonably assured that it would do what he wanted.

Then it arrived, and he unpacked it and packed up the old one to send back and… the new one didn’t work right.

Funny, right? And then the next day, the backordered part arrived, and the tech called to schedule a time to install it.

So the tech comes today. And they sent the wrong part. What makes this even funnier? The part we NEED is like an $8 part we can get from Radio Shak. And even more so, what made it break was that the wires that provide power to the fan were just simply BLOCKING the fan from turning. And then the blade from the fan cut into the wires a bit.

Two months.

Even better, the tech couldn’t figure out how all this confusion happened becuase the computer very clearly tells us the part that needs to be replaced – the SYSTEM fan, not the CPU fan. And Randy just read them what the screen said. The tech said that’s one of his favorite things about HP – if it can start up, it’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong with it.


The nice thing about this is that, other than the FIRST guy I spoke with at HP, who was Indian and insisted that the repair guy had NOT stood me up, when I had an email confirming that I should expect a tech that morning, everyone at HP has been really nice. (And American. Not to be ethnocentric, but in my experience, it’s so much easier to get things accomplished, customer-service-wise, when dealing with someone who speaks English as a first language. or at least speaks English well and understands all the words that I say.)

Which makes this all somewhat OK, and makes me like HP. So many places these days, you call, and the people are rude and snotty and bitchy and they don’t want to help you and they’re just there to put in their time and take their paycheck. They get paid whether they help you or not.

2 responses to “So do you want to hear something funny?

  1. Well, what’s really funny is that we always just repair our own computers. Particularly things like fans, for crying out loud. But he bought this warranty in case something really bad happened to the computer that we couldn’t or didn’t want to mess with, so when the fan broke, it was like “well, we spent all this money on the warranty to have someone come fix it FOR us” and it seemed silly to pull apart a brand new computer, you know?

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