False alarm, sort of

So today at HyVee, I started having really strong contractions, every 4-5 minutes. That wouldn’t have really normally caught my attention, except I was really out of it mentally, as well. Randy was asking me these really annoying questions like “do you want scalloped potatoes or au gratin potatoes?” and I could barely process the question, let alone answer it. “I don’t know.” “well, which one?” “Oh my gosh, I don’t care, just pick one!”

Yes, so at this point, Randy asks me if I’m in labor, because he knows me really well, and I said, of course, that I was not, and he did not really believe me (he has history on his side here). An hour later, still strong contractions 4-5 minutes apart, and I’m starting to wonder.

And then an hour later, they petered out. I had, during that hour, come home, eaten, drank a glass of water, peed, and laid down, all the things you’re supposed to do if you’re not sure if you’re in labor (you’re also supposed to walk around, but since I had been walking around for the previous hour, I figured I had that one covered). I, apparently, was not in labor, despite the contractions that came back several times today.

Many people advise to have a “labor project” in mind, something easy but somewhat distracting and easily droppable that you can do to keep yourself occupied during those hours of early labor. I don’t think that most people, when they advise this, have reglazing windows and replacing broken window panes in mind…but this afternoon, after I ran through my “I might be in labor” list of tasks (scrub toilet, wash dishes, pick up house), that is what I did. I mean, it’s a project that NEEDED to be done before winter. I’m the only one in our house who can do it. And if I was going to have a baby today, well, it was good to get it done.

So I didn’t have a baby today (and it seems unlikely I will yet today), but the windows are replaced!


2 responses to “False alarm, sort of

  1. I had a couple of false starts as well the second time around. It surprised me, because with David I went straight from early labor into active labor.

    Twice with Philip, I had the contractions I recognized from early labor. These were not the same Braxton-Hicks contractions I’d been having for months. They were a little crampy and different. I almost called my midwife, but both times they petered out. (I found out later that one of those nights my midwife was in the middle of a very difficult labor and delivery, so that would have been an extremely bad time for me to have my baby.)

    A few days after that, I didn’t have any early labor-type contractions. All of a sudden it was active labor with peaks. Philip was born less than four hours later.

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