So, how many of you have wondered what a Reiki session is like? I know I did. And I really never considered myself to be the “type” of person who would go to a Reiki session.

But when my baby turned breech at 35 weeks, and remained breech at 36.5 weeks despite acupuncture, moxibustion, chiropractic care, inversion, music, hot and cold, and everything else we tried, I decided to give Reiki a shot. We decided to go see Gail Hardinger McCarthy (964-9842), who practices at Firehouse Yoga on Mondays.

The session started with a health history, including my assessment of my stress levels and my relative worry about various things like relationships, money, etc. Gail then explained to me the basics of how Reiki works, and what she’d be doing for the remainder of our session. (for an explanation of what Reiki is, click here.)

Gail had me lay down and get comfortable on a table, then she checked my chakras to see how open they were (they were not), and she checked my energy field to see how it was looking. (It was at this point, I had to stifle a few giggles, because it seemed at first that she could not find my energy field. Turns out, it was soooo off center as to be nearly nonexistant on the right side and pushed way off to my left side. Since she started on the right, it appeared to me that there just simply wasn’t one. I was contemplating what that might mean when she explained to me where it was.)

After pushing my energy field back to its proper place, Gail started working up and down my body, holding her hands or her pendulum just above my clothes. Every once in a while, she’d stop and jot down a few notes. She worked in silence for a while, then she shared some of what she had sensed. She had a few messages from my baby as to why it had turned head-up, and encouraged me to interact with the baby for a few quiet minutes. She then shared some of the other things she had sensed, some of which made sense to me immediately, and some of which didn’t make sense until I talked them over with a few friends.

After a while, Gail asked if there was anything in particular that I’d wanted to learn that I hadn’t learned yet, and since there was not, she brought our session to a close. She suggested I return in 4 weeks, and that I drink plenty of water that evening.

My husband was particularly curious if the things Gail had “found” or “sensed” were super generic (as in your typical fortune teller). I’ll admit, that we both tend to be huge skeptics. However, I was greatly reassured by the fact that many of the things Gail mentioned were NOT generic, and contained information that she couldn’t have known without some serious internet research. (For example, she sensed that I had a fear of loss that started when I was 26 and that had something to do with this pregnancy. What we had not previously discussed was that I was 26 when I became pregnant with Wally and experienced heavy bleeding in my first trimester and we were terribly afraid we were going to lose him.)

Generally speaking, I found the session to be relaxing, interesting, and not as freaky as I was afraid. I mean, it was a little strange – I’ve never really thought I’d find myself laying on a table with someone holding a necklace over my body and telling me things about myself. But once I got past that, it was fairly insightful, and I am still mulling over some of the things Gail mentioned during my session, which was two weeks ago.

The session lasted about 90 minutes, and cost $100. Subsequent visits would be more like an hour and would cost less.

I also found more technical descriptions of what Reiki is like here and here. You can, of course, find a listing of Reiki practicioners on our Resource Directory, as well as at the Iowa Holistic Resources website.


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