well, here I am

OK, it’s not a UTI, because it never is a UTI, but whatever the trouble is with my kidney is troubling again. I had almost unbearably strong contractions all day yesterday, combined with a generally anxious and panicky feeling, which was not at all pleasant. The contractions did bubkus for my cervix, which Cosette explained is probably why they hurt so much. What was happening was the kidney, which is all irritated and painful, was sending some sort of signal within my body that ended up causing my uterus to contract really strongly but rather against its will.

(Now I know the conventional wisdom is that pre-labor contractions are still doing SOMETHING, but in fact that is not always that case and likely is not the case here. Because these weren’t pre-labor contractions. They were irritated uterus contractions, where the uterus was saying “OK, fine, the chemical signals being sent out by your kidneys are telling me to contract, but this baby’s not ready to come out yet, so I’ll contract but…that’s it.)

So our focus last night turned to getting me some sleep, which I was ultimately able to do with the aid of some alcohol (red wine, which I don’t really like and pretty much chugged), tylenol, and trying out every possible sleeping surface in the house. I wouldn’t say it was my best night of sleep, but it was sleep.

This morning, the contractions are gone (yay), but my kidney hurts like a mofo and I still feel pretty crappy and vaguely like I want to vomit.


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