It’s the amazing belly show

The baby’s active time used to be in the morning, around 7 or 8. I’d wake up, snuggle my still-sleeping son, and count kicks. After the Version, we went through a period of no dicernable pattern. Baby still had active periods, and movement seemed to be the same overall, but there was no real pattern to it. Now in the last couple weeks, we’ve settled down into a pretty regular late-night all-night in-utero party. So as I sit here at 11:30, I’m enjoying my nightly Belly Show.

My belly is so differently-shaped this time. I always seemed so round with Wally, which doesn’t even make sense considering his positioning in there. There were always poky parts around the front of my belly, but other than the occasional footprint or whatever, the whole belly seemed very round and steady. This time, there’s so many poky parts, but they’re not feet and hands, they’re knees and hips and larger parts like that. I mean, I see feet waaaay off to the right, but largely, I see elbows, knees, and hips. And so a minute ago, I had a belly with three peaks and lots of valleys in between. I’m not entirely sure what configuration the baby was doing in there, but it sure resulted in an interesting belly.

I don’t want to give the impression with all of my internal soul-searching (and, yes, whining and kvetching) that I’m not enjoying this stage of pregnancy. I actually really do like being pregnant. I was going to say that I’ve enjoyed it less so this time, but that’s not entirely accurate. The times that I have not been stressed, worried, or dealing with some sort of crisis, I have really enjoyed the pregnancy. I’ve fielded a lot of comments here recently about being miserable in late pregnancy, and I never know how to respond to those comments. I tend to end up saying something like “oh, I’m not miserable! I think I enjoy late pregnancy more than many people do.” And I do. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why Wally stayed in as long as he did. I was enjoying being pregnant so much, I didn’t want to let him go.

I’ve also been asked by SO MANY people recently – “when is your actual due date?” OMG. I decided early on in this pregnancy to NOT share that information with people and I have generally stubbornly stuck to that. Several people DO know – people who I know share my views about due dates, and also my sister who needed more specific information. But I’m finding that people aren’t satisfied with my “any time now” response and they press further. “Full term is 38-42 weeks and I’m right in that range” isn’t satisfying them, either. So I’ve started saying Next Week. I’m not even sure if that’s right. But it’s close enough that people understand that I’m really RIGHT HERE at the end without being so close as to start up the “are you still pregnant” comments.


One response to “It’s the amazing belly show

  1. I started out doing the same thing when we found out we were pregnant with Jax. He was due May 15 so we always just said, “May.” Anytime in May is good to go. You are so right, people REAAAALLLY don’t like that. It’s so weird! It definitely got harder when we had hiccups in the pregnancy, too because everyone wanted to know just how soon was too soon. Crazy stuff.

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