After running into days of problems with Nationwide’s system, I have finally completed open enrollment. Yay!!! I also got some nice confirmation of my choice in a health plan…last year, I had been trying to decide between two plans that seemed largely the same, except one was a PPO and one was a HDHP. We chose the HDHP, but all year I’ve been a little insecure about that choice (um, especially since I’ve incurred a LOT of expenses this year). This year, Nationwide dropped the PPO plan I was looking at, because it was not really any different from the HDHP. Which is what I had thought.

I also completed the opening of our new checking account – checks are here, and my new debit card has been activated. I switched Randy’s direct deposit and moved all of our billpays.

Now, what makes me nervous about this is the timing. I’m sure our new bank processes billpays differently than our old bank, and I want to watch the timing carefully to make sure that we don’t incur late charges. But, um, I’m also going to give birth any day here. Hopefully, it all works out.

What I have not done yet is move our savings accounts. I will have to get that process started here tomorrow.


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