Science Center

I neglected to blog about this, so distracted was I by the labor that was not labor last week. Wally and I went to the science center for the very first time last week, and we met my friend Lisa there with her two youngest. Wally had been to the Science Center once before with Daddy, but I had never been. It was pretty neat. So much larger than the old place. But at the same time, so many things there were broken or not working right, it was kind of frustrating.

Anyway, Wally seemed to really like it, and I hope we make it back some time soonish!

Science Center
Science Center
Science Center

This last one is Lisa’s middle kid, Sean, who is a Science Center pro and helped show Wally all the different rooms. Sean is a little younger than W, if I’m remembering that right, but waaaay more socially adept.


3 responses to “Science Center

  1. Lisa likes her (or her kids’) name in print anytime she can get it there…so post away! Oh wait, I am mistaking Lisa for somebody else we know…

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