Suzie Homemaker Lately

Lately, I’ve been doing so many Susie Homemaker tasks and spending a lot of fun time with Wally and then time as a family in the evenings.

Apple Crisp

This morning, I made Apple Crisp (again), this time using Sabbath’s recipe. I used part Xylitol for the white sugar and used my half wheat/half white flour mix instead of all white flour. It was pretty good. Much better hot than cold. The last batch I made was just as good cold as it was hot, but I think it had waaaay more sugar.

More Halloween Cookies

Last night, we decorated the Halloween cookies that Wally and I had made earlier in the day. I tried out a new sugar cookie recipe, and should have stuck with the old one. These were hard to roll out, didn’t cut out well, and on top of that, they spread out while cooking, making the shapes pretty much unrecognizable. But still tasty.

Our Jack O Lantern Wally and his pumpkin Wally with a pumpkin head

We also carved our Halloween Pumpkin. Wally wanted triangle eyes and nose, upside down, and a scary mouth. He didn’t really enjoy the carving process – too young to handle the knife, and too icked out to handle the insides. Daddy had told him they were pumpkin brains and it took about 10 minutes of explanation to convince him it was not, in fact, brains. Then he wanted to hide behind the pumpkin and pose like it was his head and have me take pictures.

This morning after the apple crisp was in the oven, I did a whole bunch more tie dye. Started on my nephew’s shirt, did a dozen hankies for the shop, two infant gowns probably for the shop after I applique or embroider them, and an old white maternity T-shirt that arrived at my house secondhand and fairly grungy.


One response to “Suzie Homemaker Lately

  1. You are a good person for even getting those cookies into the oven. I would have either eaten all the dough by then OR pitched all of it in a fit of fury after their not wanting to roll or cut out very easily!

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