Full Day!

My goodness. After my weekly prenatal appt with Cosette, we headed over to the last Farmer’s Market of the season. I bought (and ate) the very last Napoleon of the season. Yum. We missed the cheese curds. Again. But headed down for some egg rolls. Because, let’s face it. Some people go to the Farmer’s Market for produce. I go for pastry, cheese, and egg rolls.

Farmer's Market

I mean, we also get produce, usually, but honestly, our CSA (Sugar Creek Family Farm, not open for subscriptions next year) has kept us in good shape for vegetables this season, and with most fruits out of season now, we don’t need much produce. So then we got our last bag of apples from the vaguely mideastern guy whose booth is near where we park before heading to the Science Center for a bit.

Totally didn’t realize that there was a Halloween thing going on there. Yeah. Crowded!! But somehow we managed to keep Wally from realizing that there were people handing out candy. We did see Darth Vader and two stormtroopers. And Wally was Terrified. I mean, he would not even walk in a wide path around them. I had to carry him, and he closed his eyes, buried his head, and held on TIGHT. Which I did not expect from him, considering his love of Star Wars and his absolute lack of fear in most situations. But people in costumes are kind of freaky, even to me.

So then we had to go get Mr W some new shoes, because his tennies, which we have not worn since Spring, were TWO sizes too small. Yikes. Found some on clearance for $25 at Scheels (shoes are one thing I will not compromise on quality to save money, but clearance of shoes normally $49 is always good).

Then Target to get a hot water bottle, Vitamin E oil, Witch Hazel, and a new bathroom garbage can. The hot water bottle I decided I absolutely needed to have before I go into labor, and the Vit E and Witch Hazel are for afterwards. And I was having such incredibly strong contractions, complete with lots of pressure down below, we found ourselves wondering yet again if this was it. Apparently, though, running errands just gives me strong contractions. Once we got home, I laid down and, while they didn’t go away, they calmed back down to the same Every Fifteen Or Twenty Minutes I Have A Contraction routine I’ve had all week. All week.

I got to lay in bed until it was time to leave for Living History Farms for their Family Halloween event. Holy Moly, crowded. I wasn’t really sure what it would be like, but it was essentially one long, slow-moving line.

Living History Farms Halloween

Let me add Family Halloween Events to the list of Things Sarah Ought Not Do When Pregnant, If Ever list. I have personal space issues, moreso when pregnant. And the, um, lovely woman behind us in line kept standing RIGHT behind me. She stepped on Wally’s cape at least four times, choking him. Then her children totally ran right over Wally, who had been patiently waiting to get his picture taken on one of the Take Photos Here places, to get their picture taken first. I did say something at that point.

Living History Farms Halloween

But Wally had a great time and, despite my rising blood pressure at the CLOSENESS of everyone (I mean, seriously, standing on my butt does NOT make the line go any faster!!), so did I and so did Daddy, so it was a good evening.

Living History Farms Halloween
Yes, that’s Wally in a completely cheesy store-bought costume, one out of about 500 other Batmen. Without knowing the extent of our ability to be involved in Halloween this year, I didn’t go to the trouble of making costumes for anyone, not even for our dance. But he does own store-bought Spiderman and Batman costumes already, and he chose Batman for tonight. (And, truly, I would not be able to do justice to Spiderman or Batman – and it would not be worth all the work it would take to make really good Spiderman or Batman costumes, considering he’ll outgrow them soon, particularly at the speed he’s growing.)


One response to “Full Day!

  1. LOL! You do the Farmer’s Market like we do the Farmer’s Market (and the fair and the Tulip Festival and any other excuse)! It’s all about the food. 🙂 Love it!

    Hope you are feeling well!

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