Status Update

So! here I am. 40 weeks.

I am ready, from a practical standpoint. Everything is done. I’m doing only things I want to do now. Working on Christmas gifts, doing some tie dye (really a stupid choice, since it has to sit for 24 hours then be rinsed out – I was afraid I was going to have to call Jessica to come rinse out my tie dye if I ended up having a baby Thursday night), baking, knitting, playing with Wally. Nothing that HAS to be done.

Carseat base is in the car. Clothes and diapers clean and ready. Most of baby stuff hauled down from attic. House consistently cleaned up and dishes consistently washed.

Mentally/emotionally…I’m in the same place I was with Wally at this point in my pregnancy. I’m in my groove. I’m feeling good. I’m content. I’m not in any rush. Despite my urgency all pregnancy to be done by 40 weeks, the deadline imposed by Dr. Mahone, I’m not concerned about it at this point. I have not been since I made peace with that at 36 weeks when the baby was breech.

While I WANT to be ready emotionally, I also realize that I can’t force it. At some point, things will change in my head/my self and I’ll feel really ready. And then I’ll go into labor. I’m so certain of it. That’s how it’s gone with all of my pregnancies, Wally’s and the two we lost. I had to cross some mental threshold first.

But I’m ok waiting. I really enjoy late pregnancy. Hell, I did not honestly think I’d ever get here.

AND, last week’s biophysical profile was apparently so good that Cosette feels we have no need to be worried or do further testing for several more weeks. She said we can talk about it next week at my appointment, but she wouldn’t necessarily recommend anything until 42/43 weeks. whoo hoo.

(and Babycenter tells me that I’m having a “prolonged” pregnancy. Um, hello? 42 weeks is NORMAL. And that I’ll probably be induced at 41 weeks. I find it interesting that Babycenter doesn’t even have a page for 42 weeks. They stop at 41. And the 41 weeks page reads basically “OMG, you freak! Your baby is going to die or you’re going to have some serious complications if you remain pregnant for another minute. Get that baby out NOW.”


4 responses to “Status Update

  1. Didn’t you have a “prolonged pregnancy” with Wally too? I had a great experience with my second pg, giving birth at 42w, 2d, and had the quickest easiest labor I could ever hope for.

    So glad your BP looked good. Here’s to Prolonged Pregnancies, I’ll be thinking of you!


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