Double Grr

Hello, contractions? Where did you go? Seriously. They’re not as intense and they’re further apart. I may make it to Dr. Heather’s when they open at 2 after all. (which would not be a bad thing, I need an adjustment.)

And, my laptop? I rebooted this morning, because I do that every few weeks, you know, and suddenly it doesn’t work. Apparently, that model has a “known issue” of the BIOS resetting its password and then not functioning. Nice. Nearest repair center? Omaha. So they’re going to send me a box and I should get my laptop back in 5-10 business days. OMG, I cannot be without my laptop for that long.

I mean, we have other computers I could use, but MY laptop has MY software on it, and MY passwords, and

(hold on, contraction) Ok take back what I said about intensity.

Anyway, when my previous two laptops crapped out (lesson: never buy toshiba) and were replaced under warranty, it was SUCH a hassle to get all my software and my password manager and all my settings just the way I wanted them, and of course I have music on there I haven’t saved anywhere and haven’t loaded to the Ipod yet.

That’s actually the reason I had to reboot. Itunes rarely recognizes my Ipod, and I usually have to restart Itunes about three times before it’ll see the Ipod. Well, Itunes locked everything up on my second restart. I was trying to load some songs I’d gotten from CDs that I thought I’d want to listen to in labor onto the Ipod. Well, guess what? Now I can’t access the songs on my computer either! grr. Am I up to triple grr now?


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