ok, this time I mean it

I really am in labor this time. I lost my mucous plug yesteday (and thought about updating on Facebook with that tidbit, but decided that 7/10 of my Facebook Friends didn’t want to know that – but you come here, I assume you want to know every last detail of my bodily functions). Since then, I have been contracting generally every 10 minutes, even when resting, even after dinner and lots of water and laying down and no matter what I do. (Whereas the contractions I’ve had up to now have either gone away or gotten really really far apart when I lay down and rest.)

They’ve been strong, but I still slept pretty well overnight. I mean, I was restless, but I was sleeping, so that’s good. Now I’m awake for my usual 4:00-6:00 stint. It starts with having to pee, then the activity wakes me all up, and Randy’s snoring keeps me up.

But it’s given me a chance to notice that the contractions are now about 10-13 minutes apart (so slightly longer) but feel much stronger. I was kind of hoping to have a baby overnight, thinking that would make it so easy for Wally, but considering that it was supposed to be uber cold overnight and we still don’t have storm windows on, it was probably for the best.

(We were planning to do storm windows over the weekend, but the 40 mph winds kind of precluded that. Pregnant woman on parts of roof swapping out windows = not super safe, but I’ve done it so many times (including pregnant) I think it’s OK. But anybody standing on parts of roof holding what are essentially giant, heavy, brekable sails in strong winds = absolutely not. Now, you may be wondering, why can’t Randy stand on roof parts and swap out windows? Well, his job is to hand up the windows to me. He’s too heavy to stand on our roof, and I’m not strong enough to be able to lift the heavy storms over my head to hand them up. teamwork.)

I should note that I was doing some Wallypop sewing yesterday afternoon and randomly felt a shift in my own energy. The “Ok, now I’m ready” shift.


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