Living with Ed

I will say, when the Planet Green channel first debuted, our family was less than impressed. It seemed to show mostly reruns of other Discovery-family shows, like the Iowa Farm Bureau Bike episodes of American Chopper.

But lately, I’ve been watching it more and more. Last night, awakened just enough by Genevieve (who is 3 days old) to be unable to get back to sleep right away, I found myself watching Living with Ed, which was on for about 8 hours in a row. Apparently, as I fell back asleep, TV still on, my husband awoke and watched it for several hours, as well.

By the time I woke up for the day, he was ready to order the solar panels we’ve talked about for years, in addition to a small wind turbine.

The show really is fun. It follows Ed Begley Junior and his wife Rachelle as they try to make their southern California home as energy-efficient and Green as possible. They also visit their famous friends in nearly every episode, including Bill Nye, one of my favorite people of all time, who lives just down the street.

Of course, for as fun and inspirational as the show is, it’s hard to get past that also rubs our faces in the fact that it’s easier to be green and super energy-efficient when you have lots and lots of money to spend on new appliances and recycled carpet.

I will say that the other drawback from my vantage point is that the show showcases so much buying of new things. There’s no discussion of whether it might be greener to continue to use the old oven instead of getting a new one, for example.


One response to “Living with Ed

  1. Actually, (I used to watch the show when it was on another channel since we dont’ have Planet Green) Ed does rag on Rachelle pretty frequently about just keeping the old anything, and then insists that whatever is replaced is disposed of, recycled or reused as greenly as possible. I loved watching that show as well. It could have been the older episodes that he was more aggressive about that, though. Wish we had good TV when I had to be up all night with Liv.

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