oh i remember this

yes, i have what LLL calls “enthusiastic breasts.” hot damn, people. You should see these things. it’s a wonder they don’t explode when touched. (oh, i can hardly wait to see what things people are searching for on Google that land them here on this post.)

they’re really really full, even after feedings. she’s got slightly green, watery, explosive poop. She fusses at the breast. yes, all signs of overproduction. and even though I’m pumping only enough to not have pain, only enough to be able to move my arms, I have three full (6 oz) bags of milk in the freezer and one half full. why does my body always seem to think I’m nursing twins?

I went thru this with W, too, which probably masked his milk protein issue for a while. It was once we got the supply issues straightened out that we really noticed the poop problem had only changed, not gotten better.

but this kid, apparently because she is so small, sleeps more, thus compounding the problem. it’s hard to complain that I’m getting too much sleep at night, but last night, I ended up moving her around a bit, opening her mouth, latching her on (sort of), and tickling her chin until she started sucking. Twice. At 11 and then again at 1:30.  And there is no waking her.


2 responses to “oh i remember this

  1. Don’t be afraid to drain your breasts once or twice during the engorgement period, it helps blood and lymph drain away from the area, as well. It also feels Great!! I had terrible engorgement after Lottie was born, and did end up just totally draining both sides at one point, it really gave me mental relief, as well.

    And you might want to wake her every 3 hours around the clock to make sure she’s getting enough and to get you some help with the engorgement! Call if you need anything!! 223-3476

  2. I struggled with overproduction too. What worked for me was to nurse on one side only, alternating every four hours. If baby doesn’t nurse much during any particular four hour period I’d express enough to relieve the worst of the fullness (probably enlisting baby’s initial latch-on to get it going) and then make the switch over to the side that was due. That helped a lot and baby was more comfortable, less gassy and explosive too! Good luck.

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