Umbilical Cord Stumps and other grossness

Have I ever mentioned my least favorite thing in the whole world? Umbilical cord stumps.

Fortunately, I apparently have children whose stumps fall off early. (3 days with Wally, almost 4 days with Genevieve.)

Here is a list of things that gross me out, in order:

1. Umbilical cord stumps
2. Eyeballs
3. That huge gap between my abdominal muscles


3 responses to “Umbilical Cord Stumps and other grossness

  1. Ack, I hate the stumpness. Jax’s took FOREVER to fall off. And I had originally planned a Lotus birth with him, lol. Diapering was such an issue because all the covers wanted to rub right against it. I’m glad your kiddos have quick drop offs! 🙂

  2. I also have that separated rectus abdominus. I freaked out a yoga instructor one time who had never seen that before!

    My kids’ umbilical cords took at least a week or ten days to fall off. I agree–that is gross.

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