So I had bought myself season 6 of Bewitched a while back. I watch the kitchy sitcoms from the 60s while I work sometimes when I tire of listening to talk radio. I then never really watched it before closing up shop and cutting back on my work time significantly. So I tossed it in a few days ago to watch while I sit in the rocker and nurse my babe.

And I have to say, as I look forward to tomorrow, my first day at home alone with two children, I’m really wishing I had an Aunt Agatha (from earlier seasons) or Esmeralda (from season 6) I could just summon at will to watch my child/children whenever the whim strikes. Running to the store? Yoo hoo, Esmeralda!! Husband suggests a movie? Yoo hoo, Esmeralda!!

Though, frankly, if I were a witch like Samantha, I’m not sure I’d really feel like I needed an on-call nanny. I mean, what do I have to do? Cook dinner, wash dishes, make lunches, do laundry. If I could just twitch all the household chores, then I’d just be busting with time for homeschooling, sewing, playing with the kiddos, and whatnot.


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