No comments about the election. I was going to, but after finally having a chance to check my blogs (because my laptop came back today!!!!) to find that nearly EVERY ONE of my craft blogs felt the need to comment about “finally being proud of America” or some other such tripe, I’ve just had enough. Craft blogs, people. Not blogs like this which are just about whatever. CRAFT blogs.

I mean, how long ago did the campaigning start for the caucus? Geez, the election couldn’t be here soon enough. And I’m really not looking forward to 4 years with Obama as President, I hope we still recognize America when he leaves office. But there’s surely time enough to comment about that later, when there’s nothing else going on in my life to talk about.


2 responses to “Election

  1. I had the exact opposite experience – I spent two days on Russian immigrant forums trying to convince people that the world isn’t going to end on January 20th. Didn’t work. Really, you and I should switch 🙂
    Happy birthday and congratulations on your new baby, she is adorable!

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