Daddy should be home within 30 minutes

and everyone is still alive. Not only that, but we all took baths today. We all ate breakfast, lunch, and a snack. We watched Star Trek this morning, then played for a while, then ate lunch, then played more, then went upstairs for Wii fun, and now we’ve been watching Jimmy Neutron. This is far more TV than I’d like, ideally, but not altogether bad for our first day on our own. G slept for about 2.5 hours while I played Wii with Wally. Actually, she’s slept so much today, I fear for what tonight’s going to be like. I think she’s only been awake for about an hour, total.

(Actually, G and I are much better at sleeping at night than W and I were, which is good because I seem to be far less tolerant of not sleeping at night than I was four years ago. I truly didn’t mind being up at night with Wally. But I wasn’t good at breastfeeding while lying down when W was a newborn; this time, I’m super good at it. And G actually has an easier time nursing while lying down, since the excess milk can just run down her face and onto the towel we sleep on.)


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