Expectant moms in Des Moines area forced to travel for birth

From the Public News Service.

Des Moines, IA – In Iowa, roughly one-third of all babies are born through Cesarean surgery. Experts say that number could be reduced if doctors would allow women to have a vaginal birth after they’ve had C-sections. More and more expectant mothers are traveling to University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City to give birth, because no other facilities will do a vaginal birth after C-section, also called a “V-Bac.”

Dana Ericson is a Certified Nurse Midwife in Des Moines who says the latest guidelines require doctors to be present during labor. As a result, most hospitals have opted out of providing that care.

“They don’t want to be sitting on the labor and delivery unit waiting, and they also cannot figure out a way to get paid for that waiting period.”

The article goes on from there.

This is just sad. We live in Des Moines! Not Podunk City. But yet many women have had to travel to Iowa City, Kansas City, or other locations in order to attempt a VBAC, because so few doctors here will even consider VBAC. Those that do often have long lists of reasons to refuse a VBAC at the last minute – baby’s too small, baby’s too big, you’re past 41 weeks, etc.


2 responses to “Expectant moms in Des Moines area forced to travel for birth

  1. Hi,
    I’m on the steering committee for Friends of Iowa Midwives, a new(ish!) organization working to promote access to VBACs and out of hospital birth through legislation. We are starting a central Iowa chapter and would love for you to add this great group to your resources page and if you can, post about an upcoming meeting on your blog.

    We are hoping to bring together women in the Des Moines area to support our legislative efforts in the 2009 session. The first meeting for the central chapter will be held TODAY, Nov 8 at Almost Home birth center in Des Moines at 3:30. Interested women can learn more at our website, friendsofiowamidwives.org, and sign up for the mailing list there. Thanks!!

    Lauren Whitehead

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