I’m not 27 any more

This has been bouncing around in my head for a bit. It all started when I decided I was done performing (with our dance troupe) after the Fair. Other dancers in other scenes were/had been pregnant and continued performing much later into their pregnancies…

Then more when I decided to stop dancing altogether. The last several times I danced, I felt really good while dancing. Then I paid for it for the next several days. Everything hurt, I had lots of contractions, I was all out of alignment, etc. It just wasn’t worth it. And then the last straw was that Cosette diagnosed G as being breech the day after Jive Junction, and while I doubted the two were related, it was enough of a coincidence that I wasn’t willing to risk it. And I caught wind of more comments about other pregnant dancers and their amazing abilities to dance well into their pregnancies.

(Let’s stop to note that I danced when PG with W until the week before I went into labor. I was past 40 weeks. No discomfort from dancing at all. But I was 27. And all the other dancers I was hearing comments about are ALSO in their 20s.)

And now that I’m in the post-partum period, it’s ME making the comparisons. I know that G is not even 2 weeks yet, but I JUST was able to fit into jeans yesterday, and they’re size 6. (I’m normally a 2.) I was back in my regular clothes when Wally was 3 days old. Randy commented last week that I have a much larger paunch than I did after Wally. Not to be mean, just noticing. (I mean, he’s also commented on my giant jugs.) And he’s right – I do have a much larger paunch than I did with Wally.

I’m clearly not 27 any more.

I really wasn’t ready to recognize that I’m that much older.


4 responses to “I’m not 27 any more

  1. yes, at 46, i have been looking at people and fashions and telling myself “that era of life is over, you’ll never have that look- you are past that” and it is a little sad, but I think when it sinks in, it will also be liberating. I’m not going to be young and perky and slim at this point, but I have all kinds of time to be mature and fun and comfortable in my skin. I had some of those ah hah times when I realized I was really, never going to have any more babies and I was past that point in life…just getting to know your blog…

  2. Thinking more about this post, I suspect the issue has more to do with this being your second birth, rather than your age.

    If you had had Wally at age 22 and Genevieve at age 27, you might well have experienced the same kinds of body changes.

  3. I had all my kids over the age of 30, but still noticed a huge difference in how I felt even between Lizzie (age 34) and Grant (age 36.5), both during pgcy and post-partum period. Some of that, I am sure, was adding another child to the mix, being hugely pg in a blazing hot summer, but a lot of it was age too. Just so much more tired and worn out feeling. Aging is a strange thing…

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