Easing back into normal life

OK, so G is two weeks old today. For the most part, I have done a fairly good job of resting, in my opinion. I know others would disagree, but if you put aside a jaunt to Best Buy and a jaunt to Target, I have mostly stuck around the house, and when I’m the house, I’ve mostly sat my butt in the rocker. I have washed dishes only once, I have not picked up the kitchen at all. I have not swept. I have washed a few loads of laundry, but have made Randy carry the baskets for the most part. I have not done anything for my business other than check email once or twice a week.

I know that in an ideal world, I’d have several weeks to just nurture myself and the baby and blah blah, and we’d rely on the kindness of family and friends to help us out, but I do not live in that ideal world. I do have completely wonderful friends who gifted us with meals, gift certificates for food, and whatnot. And Abby, who did my giant pile of dishes yesterday. And we do have local family, but they are, um, not as supportive, just in general. (When his parents dropped by to peek at G, Randy told them to come at a different time because Kari was over doing our 3-day visit. Then, he said, if they could wait an hour, we could all eat lunch together, maybe they could bring over some Famous Dave’s or something. They said they weren’t hungry and would be over in 10 minutes. NICE.)

Anyway. Not only do I not live in an ideal world where I can just lounge in bed for days on end, but I also am not the ideal candidate to lay in bed for days on end. I’m having to actually physically stay away from my office because it NEEDS to be PICKED UP and I need to hang the hammock and I’d like to get out the zippers and match them up to the bags I cut out a few weeks ago, and then I may as well sew them on, right? and then once I get that done, i can start on restocking Cycle Pads… see??

But we’re slowly getting back to normal life. We did homeschool on Monday and we’ll do it again after baths this morning. We’re about two hours behind our regular “schedule,” but I don’t really care about that. After lunch, I’ll actually take all the kids down with me to the office and I’m going to hang the hammock (provided I can get one of our batteries for the drill to charge up by then) and put things away. I’ll check email and pack up a tote bag that sold on Etsy.

And that’s all I’ll do for today. Which is HUGE for me to only do that much once I get started, so ha.

If I get the basment all picked up today, then I probably won’t go back down the rest of the week. I have to check into some new supplier and check into some legal and tax issues for Wallypop, and I will do those things while sitting my butt in the rocker with the laptop and the baby.

Friday, we have G’s hearing test. Next week, I’m hoping to resume story time at the library and then get to HMN playgroup on Friday.


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