I saw a UFO and I could never get a boob job

No, they’re not related, other than they’re all thoughts I had last night.

First, the boob job. Though they’ve shrunk down to a more reasonable (though still larger than usual) size, I still don’t fit into many of my shirts. Marked improvement over last week when I didn’t fit into ANY of my shirts. And though I’m enjoying having cleavage for the second time in my life, they actually touch each other when I lay on my side, and it’s rather uncomfortable. And when I bend or slouch, the underside touches my chest and that’s pretty uncomfortable, as well. I guess those are just things you get used to when you have a larger chest, but they’re new and odd for me.

Now on to the UFO. I was up in the middle of the night to nurse G and also had a sick feeling in my stomach, so rather than allowing myself to just drift back to sleep, I stayed awake to see where the stomach thing was headed. After about 40 minutes, I saw a very bright light that was higher than the streetlight moving south down the street, then it appeared to swing west and then go out. It was accompanied by a very loud engine noise.

Now, it could have been a MidAmerican truck with their searchlight that they use during power outages. But we weren’t having a power outage, and how it would have swung West is beyond me. Randy pointed out it could have been a helicopter with a searchlight, but that’s unlikely unless we had a wanted criminal running through our neighborhood last night AND the helicopter was flying dangerously low.

So, who knows? I really don’t think it was aliens, but I don’t know what it was.


4 responses to “I saw a UFO and I could never get a boob job

  1. Around here, deer season starts tomorrow, so all unexplained lights are rednecks out spotting deer. They travel in groups…some even have dates of the opposite sex!! That’s life in a small town…

  2. I had to laugh at your complaints with the boobs…I’ve lived with such “discomfort” since about the 3rd grade! LOL. I could not imagine all of that stuff not happening with my boobs.

    As for the UFO…could’ve been anything and that’s the beauty of UFO’s. You can call it a UFO and be completely accurate in your description, for it was unidentified.

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