New Stuff

OK, I don’t often post about new things I buy because that seems so shallow, but heck, this whole blog is pretty shallow, so here we go.

1. New shoes. I last bought myself shoes when I was pregnant with Wally. Yes, over five years ago. If you know me, you’ve seen them. They’re the only pair of shoes I own, except for dancing shoes and the odd pair of dress shoes. They’re Keen clogs. I love them. Particularly for the “I have young children” phase of life – there’s no laces. They just slip on. And, amazingly, they work fine even in winter, I’ve never gotten wet socks from them.

But they’re a little worn out – they look like crap and the bottoms are starting to wear through. So I decided to buy myself another pair. Not wanting to be open to new experiences, I wanted another pair EXACTLY like my current pair. Which is an old model and nobody has it. But my friend Kelly, internet stalker and shopper extraordinaire, located a pair for me, which I bought about a month ago.

They’re still in the box, though. For one, there’s no reason to wear fancy clean new shoes when I have only one pair of jeans I can wear these days and mostly I have to wear sweats or sports pants. For two, I’m going to save the new shoes for spring – I’ll wear the old shoes thru the fall and winter when it’s all icky out, and bust out the new ones in the spring.

2. A new phone system for our home. Yay! We had to buy this on Amazon, after spending the last 4 months searching local stores for what we needed, which is apparently in such low demand that nobody carries it. We needed an interference-free cordless phone system with an answering machine with three mailboxes. Not three phone lines – one phone line with a three-mailbox answering machine. At least four phones. Preferably, the ability to check messages from each phone.

Our old system, which was just one phone and the three-mailbox machine, was about five years old. The phone was pretty junky, such that it would only work within a two-foot radius from the base, thus really negating any benefits of being cordless. My cordless office phone stopped working about six months ago, and the only other phone in the house stopped working about four months ago. I’m not sure what sort of bad phone ju-ju we had going there, but it’s really nice to have working phones again!! Plus, I can use them as room monitors – I can monitor any phone’s room from any other phone. This means, I can stop using our baby monitor (also old and starting to malfunction) as my Uber Sophisticated Door Monitoring System and I can just use the phones.

What’s silly is how happy these two things have made me.


2 responses to “New Stuff

  1. so..what do I love for to have this monitoring system in the phone?? I need to do somethings different here with the addition of a new office on the other side of the garage… I want it not to bother my wireless connection, would that be the interference-free part??

  2. We were able to monitor rooms with our old system, too, but with just the one handset, we could use the handset to monitor the base, or the other way around. I think most multi-handset systems have this ability.

    Yes, not interfering with the wireless network (and also, in our case, our X-10 equipment). Many newer cordless phone systems now utilize a frequency not used by wireless networks. Which is a nice change from when we bought our last phone.

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