First, Garbage. Someone asked me a while back whether we use disposable garbage bags. They said that they assumed we did not, but then what did we use?

I answered that we did, of course, use plastic garbage bags – there’s not really an alternative. But I think perhaps I misunderstood the question a bit, and I thought I’d explain here what our family does.

I use disposable garbage bags in the kitchen garbage can, which is our main garbage can in the house, and also the only one that collects “icky” garbage. We typically use super cheap garbage bags, the kind that tear easily, because I don’t believe in wasting money on garbage bags. There are “biodegradable” garbage bags out there for those so inclined.

Then none of the other garbage cans in our house use liners. On garbage day, we get another garbage bag and empty all of the other cans into that bag before taking it and the kitchen garbage out to the street. In addition, every once in a while, when I’ve just done a whole lot of cutting for Wallypop, I sometimes use a giant outdoor-size garbage bag for all the scraps I create. (Then, because the bag is inevitably only half full, I end up keeping it around for weeks as I slowly fill it up with other garbage from the house.)

I have experimented with using grocery bags as trash can liners, but I have a few problems with this. First, I have to specifically remember to NOT use our reusable grocery bags in order to have bags to reuse, but then that sort of defeats the purpose of not just buying bags – I’m not really saving any waste or plastic from being consumed. Second, I think it just looks unslightly. (And, really, what’s more important than pretty-looking garbage cans??)

So that’s what my family does, it’s how we feel we can best take care of the garbage/waste we produce. We are still continually working on improving how much waste we produce!


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