Pop Culture

So I bought Genevieve a baby book finally and started filling it in, and there’s the pages on “The World Around Me” with popular movies, TV, songs, musicians, etc.

OK, I could not answer ANY of those things. NONE. I had to Google them. Then felt led to make sure that Miss G knows how geeky her parents are by noting in the margin that we had to look them up. As if, when she’s a teenager and reading through this book, she’s not going to have already figured out what losers her parents are.

Even funnier was that it asked for the price of a postage stamp, because Randy and I have NO IDEA. I found a bunch of old stamps in my mom’s office, none of them current, and when I have to mail a letter, I just slap on two stamps and figure it’s enough.


3 responses to “Pop Culture

  1. I remember watching that stupid “Yes We Can” video that Will.i.am did, and I had no idea who any of the people were except for Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

  2. well, ignoring that I have no idea what you’re talking about, lol, I’ll say that at least when I was working, I heard pop culture references on a frequent enough basis that even if I didn’t exactly know what people were talking about, I at least heard the names of things/people who were popular in our culture. Since quitting, I only hang out with people like you. And people like you and the rest of my friends are no help in this regard.

  3. The will.i.am video set part of Barack Obama’s speech from the night of the New Hampshire primary to music, and had a bunch of celebrities singing one or two lines. It went “viral” on You Tube, but I heard about it because I read lefty political blogs (which aren’t on your reading list!).

    I hadn’t heard of will.i.am either until that video came out.

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