Presidential Elections

A more liberal (but no more pop culturally aware, lol) friend of mine posted a review of the Presidential Elections in her lifetime. Seemed interesting. Here’s mine, with far less detail than hers!


1976: Jimmy Carter

I REMEMBER: Nothing.
I WAS: Just over two months old. I had just been placed with my family.
DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I was a perfect angel. ha ha.


I REMEMBER: Nothing about this election.

I WAS: Four.

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I became more aware of what was going on in the world around me, but mostly my world was my home, our block, and my church (conveniently located on our block).


I REMEMBER: Knowing who Ronald Regan was, knowing that Mondale had a woman VP. Prevailing opinion in my house seemed to be pro-Reagan, but my dad was a Democrat. I’m not sure who he voted for, he never shared that information.

I WAS: Eight, shy as could be, uncomfortable in my new school after a move to Ankeny for Third Grade. I had no friends that year, literally.

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I never did get comfortable in school, but I did make a few friends. I liked Reagan for some reason, he seemed grandfatherly. I did not have very sophisticated political opinions at this age.


I REMEMBER: Being fairly confident Bush would win over Dukakis, though I don’t remember why. I liked Bush, but didn’t care for his family.

I WAS: in junior high.

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I was in and out of the hospital a lot. I didn’t pay much attention to anything besides drugs, health, and homework.


I REMEMBER: I liked Clinton in this election. He seemed personable. I recognized that personality is no basis for choosing a president, but didn’t bother to learn much more about the candidates because I couldn’t vote and had other ways to spend my time.

I WAS: 16

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I finished high school, cramming in as much high school experience as I could into those years, and went on to college, cramming in as much college credits as I could (and screw the experience) during those years. I started to actually pay attention to politics. And disliked Clinton immensely. As a person with health problems, I was keenly interested in Mrs. Clinton’s healthcare plans. I hated them, though, as much as I wanted to like them.


I REMEMBER: liking Dole a bit, but knowing the man stood no chance at all. I thought there surely should be someone better.

I WAS: 20, voting for a candidate I knew would lose for my first election. This began a grand tradition of voting MAINLY for losing candidates.

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I got married in 1997, got my first “real” job shortly thereafter, got my college diploma shortly after that, then moved on to another job, and dealt with my parents’ divorce and then my dad’s death in 1999. That was an action-packed four years.


I REMEMBER: We danced for the Elizabeth Dole campaign at the Straw Poll, for the money not because we supported her. I actually liked Gary Bauer, though not necessarily for President. I honestly didn’t think he would be a good President, and I think he also knew he would never actually get very far, but I liked the issues he brought to the table. It took me some time to come around to Bush, but by the time of the Caucus, I was a supporter. Though I didn’t caucus. I was too chicken.

And how annoyed was I at the whole recount/they stole the election crap? Very annoyed. Particularly after many many media recounts showed Bush won.

I WAS: In my mid 20s.

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: Hm. I enjoyed being married, was excluded from my extended family, began taking care of my mom, and started listening to talk radio on a regular basis.


I REMEMBER: How odd it was to already have the Rep. candidate chosen going in to the whole thing. I liked Bush, though, and was relatively pleased with his first term.

I WAS: in my late 20s, a new mommy

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: We had our first baby, I began taking care of my mom a lot, lot more. I became dissatisfied with Bush for not being conservative enough and for not being man enough. Good lord, man, stand up for something.


I REMEMBER: Being very disappopinted by the caucus/primary process. So many candidates, we ended up with the one that was generally disliked by everyone. I understand how it happened, but it still sucks. I knew we stood no chance, but didn’t fully appreciate how much I didn’t want Obama to be President until the caucus/primary process was nearly completed.

I WAS: in my early 30s. Mom of two now.

DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I guess we’ll see.


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