Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day

I do not participate in Buy Nothing Day.

I know, how un-cool of me.

here’s the thing. I never used to go shopping on Black Friday – or at any point between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, except for groceries. Then I opened a business. That year, I went to JoAnn’s at 6 am for 86 cent flannel.

And then, as long as we were getting out anyway, we decided to stop at a few other stores that had good deals on things we were looking for anyway.

Last year, for example, we bought my mom’s new TV (which she needed, if you recall, because she was going to spend half her day stuck in bed hooked up to her dialysis machine and could barely see the small TV she owned at that time because her eyesight was so bad) for a fantastic price at Office Depot the day after Thanksgiving. We also swung through Toys R Us (which was empty at 8 when we were there) to get a robot for Wally for Christmas, which he ADORED.

This year, we got some blank media (DVDs, CDs, and memory cards) that we’ve been needing. I hoped to also get an update to Photoshop at Staples, but we didn’t go until 5 PM and they were all out. We’ve been looking at Photoshop for about a year. We’re about 5 versions behind.

We’ll also be swinging through Toys R Us today to see if they have any of their HotWheels racetracks or Star Wars Transformers left – both things W would love for Christmas.

I have nothing to gain from taking an arbitrary stand against shopping on any given day. I make the vast majority of our presents, but we buy some, too. And we may as well get more for less by buying during sales.


6 responses to “Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day

  1. I am not the least bit ashamed that my Mom and I worked together ( she at 2:30 A.M. and me at 4:00 A.M. respectively) to get me a heckuva deal on a laptop at Best Buy. That I needed to go back to school. Woohoo! I was going to have to buy it anyway… but I saved $400 buying it Friday. I too make a large number of handmade/thrifted/re-gifted items and did not feel the need to participate in Buy Nothing Day. I do a good enough job of that the rest of the year. I am truly appalled and sorry for that Walmart worker though. =(

  2. We don’t usually go shopping on Black Friday. After working retail for 8 years (even if it was in a Christian bookstore) I have had enough Black Friday to last forever, I think. Also, with Photoshop- we buy updates on for our business. It has saved us lots of $$. Great prices on memory cards too.

  3. Thanks for the tip on newegg. Their prices don’t come anywhere close to what we got on Friday at Staples. Actually, are they any better than regular retail? The Photoshop prices weren’t too super good, unless I was looking in the wrong place. Had we gotten there earlier, we could have gotten the latest version of Photoshop for $45.

  4. Not only did I buy cheap plastic crap from China on Black Friday, I bought it at Disneyland, about the least “green” place on earth!

  5. Whoa Photoshop CS4 for $45???? Holy Cow! That’s a $699 program! That’d be amazing! The memory cards I get on Newgg are Compact Flash and the one I’m wanting to get soon is less then half the price of Wal Mart. I haven’t priced any other kind of Memory as we only have Compact flash (and at that only certain brands) but we also buy parts to build and up grade our computers as well as other various things that are always significantly less than the other places we’ve looked. Although I see that Amazon has better prices on a full version of CS4 than Newgg and the same price on an upgrade. We just purchase upgrades rather then full versions (which is a pain if you have to reinstall) but it costs just 199 instead of the 600-700 bucks. Speaking of Photoshop, I better get back to working on photos :o)

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