Friends of Iowa Midwives

Alright, all you midwifery supporters, this post is for you.

Friends of Iowa Midwives is a statewide grassroots organization working to:

* Promote access to midwifery and out-of-hospital birth in Iowa
* Protect the rights of Iowa women to choose their place of birth and birth attendant
* Provide education about childbirth options
* Create supportive community for birthing women and families

Their current legislative campaign aims to license Certified Professional Midwives in Iowa so that families who choose out-of-hospital birth can have access to safe maternity care with legal midwives.

Many families in Iowa believe that Iowa is sort of “a-legal” when it comes to CPMs. They are not recognized by the state, but they are not outright forbidden. Many midwives, and many consumers, have been content to leave it this way. (I am one of them.) But then Melanie Moore was brought up on charges of Practicing Medicine Without A License. (Her prosecution was not brought on by any negative incidents, by the way.)

And, to some people, that changes things.

I will admit to still being on the fence about this goal of licensure. In many states, licensure of CPMs has led to a significant decrease in the options available to certain high-risk women: those with twins, those wanting a VBAC, and those with breech babies. These are women who are close to my heart and I don’t want to do anything that would make their lives even tougher!

However, it all depends on the language in the bill and whether FOIM is willing to compromise on the language that would protect these women, as well. A few ladies from ICAN are involved with FOIM to help protect the interests of these women, which is reassuring.

If this is an issue that interests you, that you’re passionate about, or that you just want to keep current on, please head over to the FOIM website, Yahoo Group, or Facebook page. Volunteer if you’re able!


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