My goal is not to be normal.

on thanksgiving, it came up somehow that we had canceled HBO. Someone asked why. Randy said it was because of Bill Maher. (I forget the details, but the man crossed some sort of unforgiveable line about the time we were changing our satellite package, and we were really probably going to cancel HBO anyway – I’d been talking about it for about two years – and Bill Maher’s whateveritwas helped push Randy in favor of canceling as well.)

Randy’s sister (the older one, from Arizona) commented “And just when I thought you were starting to be normal.”

Unfortunately, my husband has matured a lot since we met, and he just walks away from comments like that.

But we spent some time since discussing the comment and both agreed – goodness, our goal in life has never been to be “normal,” by anyone’s definition. (Particularly hers, but that’s a story for another century.)


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