Something about this time of year – the first cold snap, the first snow – makes me want to move to Utah moreso than at other times of the year. It’s honestly the thought that seeing mountains out my window would make the cold and snow just somehow better.

This year, the desire to head out there is stronger than ever. I have no ties remaining here. I will have no guilt for leaving. I mean, I have a wonderful – truly wonderful – community of mamas (and papas) that I would miss. But with my mom no longer around…I feel very free.

We haven’t been to Utah for TWO years. Normally we go every other year (we like to alternate vacations between Long Trips and Short Trips), but I wasn’t up for Utah this year, being pregnant and super skittish about it and all. I miss it. Something inside me is just longing for the view of Mt. Timp, the road over the mountains into Park City, the valleys and the peaks.

Sigh. I can make our camping reservations in April.


4 responses to “Utah

  1. Is there a downside to moving? How portable is Randy’s job?

    I know you’ve put a lot of work into your house, but I would think seriously about doing this if Randy is as interested in Utah as you are.

    It’s so easy to think of reasons not to take a risk, but you can always move back to Des Moines in a year or two if you don’t like living in Utah.

    • Randy’s job is not too portable, but his career (sales) and his status as a licensed insurance agent (everything but farm now, i think) certainly is. This doesn’t seem to be the wisest time to be switching jobs – he’d be at the bottom of the seniority totem pole if cutbacks are going to be made – but I’m not sure how worried I am about that.

      We have not talked seriously about utah since my mom died. I think, though, we will look at housing prices, etc while there in july.

      It really is easy to think of reasons NOT to.

  2. Any more it seems like employers cut back on the senior staff who have bigger salaries. I don’t think it’s always “last hired, first fired” these days. But you are right, it may not be a great time to switch jobs.

    If housing is relatively expensive in Utah compared to Des Moines, then probably a good time to buy there is during a national housing slump.

    I’m not saying go, I’m just saying that if it’s a significant and long-held desire of yours to live in Utah, don’t keep waving it away with the obvious reasons not to move. Sometimes it’s worth it to take a risk.

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