I decided against backyard chickens for 2009.

I need to find someone who lives in DM and has chickens to get a better idea of what compliance with the law looks like. I’m not sure how comfortale I am keeping them penned all the time, but not only is that the law, but it’s also a good idea with the owl we have prowling around here.

The real reason, though, might be that I’m not sure I’ll make it out to move them around as often as they need.

In the meantime, though – anyone reading this who knows someone in DM city limits with chickens??


12 responses to “Chickens

  1. I sent a comment awaiting moderation. I sent the blog of a homeschooler that lives 9 blocks from me and has chickens!

    I know a couple things. You can’t have roosters. You have to have a shelter for them. There is a limit to how many you can have. I think raising 30 from chicks is ok (for meat), but I seem to remember someone stating that adult chickens (egg layers) have a limit of 12? …….

    Oh, and we’ll have chickens in the Spring!

  2. Ed Fallon had chickens for years in his back yard in Des Moines (Highland Park neighborhood). If you e-mail me, I’ll send you his phone number. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the call.

    Mama P is right about the roosters, I know that.

  3. Actually, Ed lived 3 blocks from me in the RIVERBEND neighborhood. I know, its not as PC to live in ghetto, but there it is. He rasied his kids here, grew peaches, and had chickens. He only recently moved to Sherman Hill. He’s on facebook, I bet you could send him a note through that if you do the facebook thing.

    Anyway, just sayin.

  4. Thinking back, I think it was actually Ed that I got my information about chickens from….. We saw his set up when we first moved over here, about 8 years ago. It was basically a shed with a heat lamp and a divider. Hens on one side, chicks on the other.

    Since we’d talking Ed here, what do you think about his white house victory garden plot……?

  5. Our neighbor has chickens. I had intentions of stalking them this summer, but they didn’t seem to be home when I was out walking and now it’s too cold for me to brave it outside. But I’ve seen their chickens and I SO want to hang with them 😉

  6. In ANKENY? wow.

    I’m fairly familiar with the rules on paper – I’ve been blogging about backyard chickens at NLDM all winter. But it’s the practical “how do these rules work in real life” stuff I don’t have a handle on. I’ll have to look Ed up on Facebook. Ha. Randy’ll have a cow, so to speak. “Hey, Randy, guess who I’m friends with on Facebook?”

  7. I didn’t realize it was technically the Riverbend neighborhood.

    I love the idea of a White House farmer tending an organic fruit and veggie plot on the White House lawn. I don’t think Obama will pick up that idea (it was Michael Pollan’s idea), and if he did I don’t think he would appoint Ed Fallon, but it’s a great idea.

  8. Also, I don’t mean to be snotty, but Highland park is way north of RiverBend, near and north of Euclid/Douglas. RiverBend is technically as near to Highland Park as Beaverdale is to South of Grand.

    Plus Ed lived on the southern end, near the Catholic Worker House and Hope Ministries. We’re closer to the downtown neighborhood than Highland Park. Sheesh.

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