A day in the life. Sort of.

Tandem nursing

These are from Wednesday. I did a self-portrait of myself nursing the babes. I need to get Randy to take some arty ones. It’s hard to do arty with the self-timer and arranging two kids on my breasts. Most of the time when I’m nursing them both, Wally likes to touch his sister, but hates it when she accidentally kicks him in his crotch. “Mommy, hers kicking my wiener.”

I am not sad that Wally still nurses, but I guess I’m ambivalent about it at this point. I’m glad he is able to get some of what he needs emotionally by being allowed to nurse. He asks for it way more often now that Miss G is here. He even asks in public again, which he stopped doing a while back. But there’s no way to nurse both in public without showing significant quantities of skin.

Funny thing, though, I ran some errands yesterday evening (just me and the babe) and ended up walking around Target looking for a few things (including new fat pants so I have TWO pairs of pants and ZERO skirts that fit me) while nursing Miss G. Not in a carrier, just in my arm. Yep, you could totally tell what I was doing. And a few people kind of looked at me oddly, like they couldn’t figure out what my shirt was doing bunched up (I wear undershirts so I don’t show skin). But whatever. I’ve stopped caring. When Wally was this young, I still went and hid in the dressing room to nurse him. ha. I got over that need when he was about 3 months.

Hi Mommy!

This looks like a smile, and she was very smily while I was taking pictures of her, but this is actually a Wookie-esque grunt.


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