heaters (an fans)

now I know our family is pretty abusive to our heaters and fans. We end up having to replace about 1/3-1/2 of our fans every year. Oddly, I think that’s reasonable, since they’re on 24/7 all summer. That’s not normal use for a fan. The ones that are on less last longer.

But what’s up with heaters? this year, I’m having to replace THREE heaters. Our bathroom heater crapped out over the weekend. Now, granted, the instructions specifically state that it’s not for use in bathrooms, but still… (However, we bought that fan the year we replaced our boiler – we were without any form of heat during a particularly bad and unexpected March cold snap – so it’s lasted about 5 years.)

At any rate… I’m down to just one radiator-style heater in my office, and that’s just not cutting it. (The basement is completely unheated.) I’m thinking, however, about hanging curtains to separate my office from the rest of the basement. That might help keep the heat in. It will cut out most of our natural light, though. Maybe I’ll nail up some blankets this week and give it a try.


2 responses to “heaters (an fans)

  1. We just bought an EdenPure heater and I wish we had the money to buy another one! Costs a bit more than others but works sooooooo well. And much safer for kids/animals.

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