Christmas Crafting to do update

Ha, I suddenly realized it’s Christmas NEXT WEEK.

So here’s what I still have left to do:

  • Get gift cards for all nieces and nephews to go along with the things I made.
  • Make Joey’s skirt that I cut out the other day, then make matching legwarmers. Done, decided against matching leg warmers. I don’t think my sister puts her in any of the other ones I’ve made, so it seems like a waste of time/materials.
  • Get gift cards for men, from favorite restaurants.  1 down, 2 to go
  • Make an ornament for Randy from Wally.
  • Make Wally’s pants that I cut out the other day. Done. He wore them yesterday, lol, but I think after I snap a picture today, I’m going to wrap them up.
  • Get or make something for Randy from me. What, I have no idea. much as I like the idea of a knitted Peter Heater, I decided to buy him a game for the Wii that he wants. (Because RANDY gets to play Wii games without Preschoolers helping.)
  • Make a laptop sleeve for Randy using the Jeep fabric.
  • Get something for Wally. We have several ideas, just have to land on one.
  • Get something for Genevieve. I bought her three fun things from Etsy sellers who probably won’t be around after Feb 10.
  • Get a needlepoint stocking kit and then make it so that G has a stocking!! still working on this.

One response to “Christmas Crafting to do update

  1. ha ha ha “Peter Heater”! James almost spit coffee out his nose when I showed him the Willie Warmer patterns on Ravelry. He thought I was kidding!!

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