Unintended Consequences

Hey, and it’s NOT about the CPSIA.

Shortly after Genna was born (as in, days), Wally vomited in bed, and this time, he managed to hit what he’s always missed in the past: our down comforter. (Let me note, Wally is a puker. He pukes when he’s too excited, when he’s eaten chocolate, when he’s eaten too many pot stickers, and sometimes at total random.)

So we took it off the bed and put it in my car to take to the cleaners. Then I never went, we needed the space in the car to haul equipment to Jive Junction, and the comforter was removed and placed on top of our deep freeze. (That’s where Randy puts stuff he doesn’t know what to do with. Drives me BATTY.)

And there it sits.

In the meantime, I got three blankets and spread them across our bed.

It’s worked out really well. Randy and I don’t have middle-of-the-night fights over who is colder. Typically, I end up with the sheet and blanket and my top blanket, and Randy gets just his top blanket. Which is fine, he sleeps warmer than I do. He could have some sheet, too, except I hold pretty tight to my side, and so when Wally kicks his part of the sheet down to the bottom of the bed, he inevitably kicks Randy’s side of the sheet down there, too.

This just supports my idea that, instead of one King size top sheet, we need two double size flat sheets. One for me, one for Randy. And Wally won’t use a sheet anyway, so he gets nothing.


3 responses to “Unintended Consequences

  1. Yes, I agree!

    When David and Philip sleep together, they each have a twin-sized blanket instead of sharing one full-size or queen-size on the double bed. Otherwise they would always be pulling the cover off the other person.

  2. You know that you can clean those in your own washer/dryer, right? 🙂 Just wash it on cold on gentle and then put it in the dryer with 2-3 tennis balls and it fluffs it right up. Voila! Clean and cheap…without leaving the house.

    And yes, we have the quilt fight all the time. I mostly have Bella sleep on the outside, because she never wants the covers on, and Matt and I snuggle on the other side 🙂 My friend that used to live in Germany said that most bedroom sets are sold with 2 twin comforters instead of one big one. They’re smart.

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