First, I’ve been over at Wallypoppers posting about the CPSIA and some small glimmer of hope in some proposed rules.

Second, Christmas. We had a great Christmas and I hope you did, too.

We spent Christmas Eve at the in-law’s house as usual. I established the groundrule that NEXT YEAR, our family goes to OUR church for Christmas Eve service. Not the joke Candy Cane service at my IL’s church (which I can’t stand for so many reasons). Actual church. At 6 or 7 or some reasonable time, not 4. And if that means that everyone else waits for us, then that’s what it means. Randy agreed. I’m happy.

Otherwise, the evening was quite pleasant. Wally ate dinner and didn’t get too wound up, which I count as a success. Nobody went overboard with obnoxious toys. Genna got lots of clothes, most of which I’ll be returning (shhh!) because they’re size 9 month winter. (she’s not going to fit into 9 month clothes before winter’s over.)


Christmas Day was lovely, generally speaking. We were off our game, though. No pictures, I forgot to get rolls, I didn’t get Randy a card, etc. We had a lovely morning of A Christmas Story on TBS (I hate that movie) and breakfast and gift opening. While Randy fixed lunch (leftovers!), I reglazed two storm windows (that makes four down, three to go). Wally and I played Wii for about four hours while Randy napped. Then I sorted through all of our toys, found three garbage bags worth of toys to get rid of, shifted some toys into storage, and neatened up all of our other toys.

After dinner (roast, as usual – we did remember to buy THAT!), we drove around to look at Christmas lights. Genna slept, thankfully, and Wally nodded off, as well. So we came home and watched It’s a Wonderful Life while I finished Genna’s stocking! yay!

If any of those activities sound strange to you (like reglazing the windows), remember that Christmas Day two years ago found me removing the carpet in the hallway by the bedrooms and sanding the floor. Christmas apparently makes me feel home improvement-y.


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