ok, political post ahead

first, NAK, so sorry for typos etc

I read Blog for Iowa, a lib blog in iowa. And those peeps are usually good for a laugh.

Just because we won the election and President-elect Obama would like us all to just  get along, doesn’t mean the fight is over.

Conservative talk radio appears to be alive and well and planning to stick around.  This strange phenomenon is quite possibly responsible for a lot of the weird anecdotes you hear out there – like people you know personally or friends of friends who say they believe Obama is a Muslim terrorist anti-christ who wants a new flag, etc. –  these odd ideas probably originate on conservative talk radio (okay and FOX News and Drudge).

ok, i do not talk about what is on lib radio, or NPR, because i do not listen. obviously these people do not listen to conservative radio, yet they ar walking around spouting off about what rush, hannity, et all are saying.

and they’re wrong! i do listen to rush and hannity and beck and the local guys, and every time – EVERY time – a caller has brought up silly things like Obama is a muslim or obama’s not a citizen, they have basically told the caller to shut it. on the premise that there are plenty of legitimate things to criticize obama for, so let’s just stick to those.

i mean, if they were listening and had legitimate criticisms, fine. there are certainly plenty. but the fact that they say “probably originate” on conservative radio points to the fact that they cleary do NOT listen.

Blog for Iowa says they really just want “balance,” but I also have to kind of ask – um, they tried to make a liberal talk station. Nobody listened.

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