Tradition – Sunday Scribblings

It’s not Sunday, and this is from several weeks ago. Get over it.

Traditions. Do you come from a culture with a lot of traditions? Does your family have traditions that you love or that you would like to change? Do other cultures/families have traditions that fascinate you? Write something about tradition.

I’ve often thought that one of the reasons I like Fiddler on the Roof so much is the sense of culture, common bonds, and tradition in the movie. (and, because I love movie musicals from that era in general.)

I have no cultural traditions, because I have no culture. I mean, really. I’m such a mongrel. My mom’s family’s German and something else Northern (Sweedish? I don’t think it’s Norwegian. Johanssen, whatever that might be.) Obviously I don’t care a whole lot. I’ve never identified with that family and their sense of cultural background. My dad’s family is – honesty I have no idea. My own cultural background, according to the paper I used to have from the agency, is Bohemian, which has always given me a giggle, and Greek. You wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at me, but when you compare my skin up close to others’, it IS a tad bit olive. In the right light. Ha.

But, though my mom tried to get me interested in Greek culture, I really don’t identify with that either. I would guess that the portion of me that is greek is tiny, tiny.

But I’ve always envied those who have a strong sense of cultural history and tradition.

As for family traditions… I don’t know. I’ve purposely not continued many of my family traditions from my youth, wanting to start anew with my own family. About the only thing that remains is a snack buffet on the day we set up the Christmas tree, and again for New Year’s Day. But the contents of the Snack Buffet have changed so dramatically, particularly since I developed a strong aversion to that cheese in the squeeze canisters.

My own family… I guess you could call Christmas Eve with Randy’s family a tradition. Our Christmas Day By Ourselves is a new tradition that I love.

New Year’s Eve, we’ve always ordered Mandarin takeout and watched old movies and slept out on the Hide a Bed in the front room. But three years ago, we realized we were old enough that we’d much rather sleep in our own bed than on the uncomfortable hide a bed. Two years ago, Randy got a gig DJing. And this year, the Mandarin is closed and we’re kind of floundering for something NEW to do for New Year’s. (as I write this, it’s 8:00 pm…)

I think that’s all I have to say on the subject of Tradition. I hope I can establish a stronger sense of tradition for my own kids.


2 responses to “Tradition – Sunday Scribblings

  1. Tradition is always something I have struggled with in my own family. I mean, we didn’t have traditions per se, so when I was searching for something to grasp on to, it just wasn’t there. It’s something we strive for though.

    It’s almost (almost) against my nature to have traditions. My family is very mongrel esque as well, but one strong tie is to Irish Travelers (aka Irish Gypsies). I know very little about their traditions or ideals and should really learn more. In fact you have inspired me to look it up and start researching again!

  2. I was of course raised in the Italian tradition, being a first generation immigrant, but my wife has a mix of ancestry.

    She does like Mongolian beef but we had a great time at the Mandarin prior to having kids.

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