Alphabet Go Fish

Alphabet Go Fish. Our favorite game these days. We play it as a nice way to end an official homeschool session. Wally still struggles with lowercase letters (understandable, many of them look so much alike) and this is a fun way to reinforce letter identification, as well as the lower case and upper case belonging together. And unusual animals. And phonics. He still thinks the Jaguar on the J card is a lion, so the logic behind the animal pictures hasn’t become obvious to him yet.

Reading to his sister

Wally reading a Spiderman comic to his sister. He likes Comic books these days. All the pictures, the very Boy subjects, and probably the fact that Mommy hates them. I feel bad sometimes because he looks so sad when I refuse to read comic books, but that is my ONE RULE about what Mommy Will Not Do With Her Children. I will not read comic books aloud. I find them very hard to read aloud. I will read Roly Poly Olie’s Red Dots Red Spots We Make Spots and Dots nonsense over and over and over (as I did when he was 2 and that was the ONLY book he ever wanted us to read) but I draw the line here.

So he reads them to himself.


And my first Sunny Side Up Eggs. Wally, after a long morning that started with taking daddy to work at 7, asked me to make him Egg Eyes and Bacon Mouth. I have no idea where he might have seen this idea. He didn’t particularly like the eggs – he was a little wary of the yolks. Understandable, since I think runny yolks are NASTY. I wanted to make them over easy so they’d cook thru a bit more, but I don’t know how to do that. I have one egg cooking method, and that is scrambled.


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  1. Hey there–just was wondering how to find DSM Holistic moms. This may be off the wall, but who do you use for a “doctor” for your kids? Thought I’d ask on your personal blog, but you can email me if you’d like.

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