Ancient Discoveries: Lost Science of the Bible

I’m totally digging these shoes on History and Nat Geo Channel. Ancient Discoveries, Cities of the Underworld, etc.

The show I’m watching today, curled up in a spot of sun on the bed with Miss G, much like two cats, is about whether certain things in the Old Testament could have actually happened, according to modern science.

Tower of Babel = yes

David and Goliath = yes. they got teh world’s foremost stone slinger (betcha didn’t know they had world champions in stone slinging, did you?) and he hit a 4-inch square target 9 feet high with enough force to kill a human as described in the Bible. Then the commentator goes on to talk about how David was incredibly lucky with that shot or much more skilled than your average shephard boy at the time to be able to be that accurate and deadly. Ok, sure. But does anyone really think David was out there by himself? This is a time in history when God appeared to people as a burning bush, when angels walked among men, and when – according to the Bible – God took a much more hands-on role in the lives of people. I guess I’ve always thought David had a little help from God on that one. I was really prepared for the TV Show people to be unable to reproduce a killing blow with the sling, to be honest.

Anyway. Interesting show.


6 responses to “Ancient Discoveries: Lost Science of the Bible

  1. I read something once where they explained how all of the ten plagues could have occurred. “Blood” could have been an overgrowth of a kind of algae that made water look red, which in turn would produce an overpopulation of frogs, etc.

    • See, I’m one of those take the Bible literally at its word people, but I think there’s also room in there for some “it was literal to them” stuff in the OT. For example, I don’t think Goliath was actually a GIANT in the sense we would think of it today. He was just probably very large, you know?

      So this stuff with the “Lost Science” and the plagues that you mentioned, it’s so fascinating and interesting to me. But if they end up deciding it is not actually possible to have happened as described… I don’t get bent out of shape, either. Just because humans can’t replicate it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…

      • ooo ooo- like the recommendation to circumcize at 7 days (right?) – 7 days is when the Vitamin K really kicks in and helps stop bleeding. Makes sense.

  2. To my knowledge, there is nothing in the Bible about circumcising at 8 days of age. That recommendation came from Maimonidies, a Spanish Jewish scholar of the 12th century. Presumably a lot of people were already doing it around a week after birth, but I don’t think the commandment is specific in terms of timing.

    Interestingly, some people believe that circumcision in Biblical times was much more token (making a small cut or removing a small piece of the foreskin, rather than taking off the whole foreskin). I read somewhere that during the Roman occupation some of the rabbis were concerned that the Jewish men didn’t look different enough from Romans in the bath houses–so, they started the practice of a much more radical circumcision.

    • I was all ready to say “ok, I must’ve remembered wrong” because I cannot remember where I had read the connection between religious tradition of circ’ing at about a week coinciding with the Vit K thing, and, well, Commandments about circumcising really just don’t stick out in my memory from the last time I read the OT which was when I was PG with W and when he was a newborn (so, 5 years ago?) THEN I did a quick Bible Gateway search on Circumcision:

      # Performed on all males on the eighth day (Genesis 17:12,13; Leviticus 12:3; Philippians 3:5)
      This is the Genesis: For the generations to come every male among you who is eight days old must be circumcised, including those born in your household or bought with money from a foreigner—those who are not your offspring.

      They all say pretty much the same thing.

      I should get my hands on a Torah some day here soon. I took World Religions in college, but the professor was NOT a fan of Judiasm (or Christianity) so we didn’t talk about it at all.

  3. Hi, I saw this episode a few days ago. I wasn’t paying much attention but noticed a 3d computer sim during the Ark of the Covenant part. It looked like the computers from minority report (which I thought we faked) but these seemed real. Does anyone know which system or gadget they used for that part?

    Please email me at: if you do.

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