Goals for the New Kid

  • good teeth
  • falls asleep on her own
  • sleeps with covers
  • doesn’t twiddle nipples or obsessively touch my other breast

Is that too much to ask??

Actually, though, I joke a lot that this kid does this odd thing where she’s happy. Just lying there. Sometimes, I’m holding her, and she’s really fussy and squirmy, and she wants me to lay her down and leave her alone. Odd*. And then she’ll drift off to sleep. By herself. I mean, I’m there, usually laying with her (at night), but she does not always need to nurse or bounce to sleep. Wow.

And, she only nurses when she’s hungry. She actually refuses the breast sometimes. Wow. New experiences for me.

*I mean, I know this isn’t that odd. But it’s outside of my parenting experience so far.


6 responses to “Goals for the New Kid

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how this new baby will be different than Bella. I am totally stopping the twiddling though as well. Oh. My. Word. I’m not going through how many more years of that nonsense.

  2. I’ve never tolerated twiddling, but my kids would keep trying day after day, for years. I kept wondering what they were thinking–Mommy never let me do this the first 500 times I tried, but maybe today will be different!

    My kids both started tolerating covers at night around age two.

    As for falling asleep by themselves, that still doesn’t happen, ever, at our house. David has accidentally fallen asleep without a parent next to him only a handful of times in almost six years. Most nights whoever puts him to bed falls asleep too!

    I have a friend whose second child used to just fall asleep on her own. She never believed there were babies like that before it happened to her. Watch out–her third child was extremely high-need! But the fourth was easy-going.

    • I remember you saying that once, and I definitely agree – I have never actually LET Wally twiddle, but he TO THIS DAY tries. We compromised for a while when he was particularly bothersome about it that he could rest his hand on my other breast but could not move it at all. Then once he had that down, we tried eliminating touching the other one entirely. He has not been allowed to so much as move his hands around on my chest for about a year now (though he is allowed to rest his hands on me as long as they’re still), but still every time he nurses, i have to remind him, gently restrain his hand (as a nonverbal reminder), etc.

  3. Off-topic question: Cityview had a really badly written article that seemed to suggest that the Consumer Product Safety Commission had issued some rule changing the interpretation of that new law.

    Does that mean small businesses like yours will be able to keep selling baby and kid items after February 10?

  4. I haven’t seen Cityview this week.

    However, businesses CAN continue to sell baby/child items solong as they are tested for lead and proven below the legal requirement. I will see if i can get ahold of Cityview today.

  5. Grant was my only kid that twiddled. I thought it was so odd. You can tell he’s even tempted to do it now if he’s “in the ballpark”. I guess I thought it was just boys, interesting to know that girls do it too!

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