CPSIA Clarification (for Laurie) (and others)

So Cityview’s calling it an Amendment, but it’s really just a clarification by the CPSC. It’s the clarification from last week, which you can find here: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml09/09086.html

What it is saying is that resellers of secondhand and/or used children’s items do not have to test each of their items before selling it. They are still on the hook (and can be fined $10,000 per incident or face jail time) if they sell items above the lead limit. (how are they supposed to know if they don’t test?)

Prudent owners of secondhand stores will be educating themselves about what items are likely to contain lead – and avoid them.

But this doesn’t help me at all, since I am a manufacturer, not a reseller. Even if I were to slap each of my dipes on my kids, wash them, and sell them as secondhand or used (a scenario I had actually considered when this law was first passes and it was unclear whether it included used items), I’m still not a reseller.

Cityview is incorrect in saying that it will save all the businesses. It will help save secondhand stores. Which is a darn good thing because once the cost of testing gets factored into the cost of clothes, a lot of people won’t be able to afford new clothes for their kids.

To their credit, Cityview did not say the law was a “ban” on lead, as I have seen elsewhere.

Something else you might find interesting, Laurie, and others who are Hana Andersson fans. HA clothes (many of them) are certified to Okeo-Tex Standards already. They are already in compliance with the limits. But they are not in compliance with the law unless they are certified by an approved lab to be below the lead limits. See the stupid redundancy here??


2 responses to “CPSIA Clarification (for Laurie) (and others)

  1. I got a rather pointless email from Senator Harkin in response to my email regarding the CPSIA. He did make the very general statement of”I am pleased the law provides an exemption for crafters who only make one copy of each item”. Could you be considered a crafter due to the unique nature of each of your items that certainly have slight variations due to be made by hand? So maybe that’s a stretch but since it’s worded so vaguely….

    Different subject- I bought a ring sling you made from Louisa and it is made so well! Beautiful, yet very strong and durable. Great work!

  2. Absolutely I could – I would need to make some changes to my business to do ONLY OOAK things, but that would not be a problem. Unfortunately Sen Harkin apparently does not read the bills he SPONSORS because the law contains so such exemption, although it should because the lab testing process destroys the items being tested. This means that one of a kind children’s items will disappear from the American market in August of this year.

    I have a response to that email on its way to him. (Because I got, doubtless, the exact same one you did. It’s posted at my Wallypop blog – wallypop.wordpress.com)

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